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how to join


Fill out an application and pay the membership dues. New member dues are $95 and include one short-sleeve team jersey. The annual $35 renewal fee is due by January 31 of each year


All members are invited to join our mailing list. We rely on this medium for all group communications

membership benefits

  • Free or reduced race or event entry fees.
  • Eligible for entry fee reimbursement for event rides or races annually after meeting specific criteria (See MIGS).
  • Generous discount—15% off during the year and 25% off during annual team sale—on equipment and soft goods at River City Bicycles. Restrictions apply. Mechanical service not included. Bikes are not always included.
  • Discounts on services and merchandise from our supporting sponsors.
  • Access to professional design team kit.
  • Camaraderie with a great group of people who share a passion for cycling.
  • Access to Sorella training rides, clinics and special events.
  • Resources to reach your full cycling potential.

What are MIGS?

MIGS means “Member in Good Standing.” To qualify for a membership card to receive sponsor benefits, each member of Sorella Forte must accrue a minimum of two MIGS per year. Additional benefits, such as ride/race entry reimbursement fees, require four or more MIGS.

Earning two MIGS

  • Pay yearly membership dues and submit an annual membership application and ride release form.
  • Sign up with our and join subgroups to receive all club communication, such as training rides, meetings, clinics, events, ride/race reports.
  • Wear team kit at races, rides and club training rides. When racing, you are required to wear the most current team kit to showcase our sponsors.

Earning four or more MIGS

  • Lead a club ride from any start location. Announce the ride on Yahoo Groups and write and send out a ride report (1 MIGS).
  • Lead or sweep a Saturday Morning Ride from River City Ride. Get $25 RCB credit or 1 MIGS for each role.
  • Host a team social event. Organize, announce and promote through our channels. MIGS TBD depending on size of the event.
  • Serve as a board member. 2 MIGS.
  • Serve as a helper to the board. MIGS TBD based on role/time involved.
  • Officiate at an OBRA event. Training required. MIGS TBD based on role/time involved.
  • Instruct at an approved Sorella Forte clinic. MIGS TBD based on role/time involved.
  • Volunteer for a cycling-related event such as Community Cycling Center, Street Trust, trail building organizations, etc.
  • Volunteer or help get kids on bikes.
  • Attend Sorella Forte’s annual meeting.
  • Ask a Sorella board member if your MIGS idea qualifies. If so, invite others to join you.

Member responsibilities

be kind

Act in a sportsperson-like manner at recreational and competitive events when wearing the Sorella Forte team kit. When representing the club online or in person, do not act in a racist, sexist or another agitating manner.

be safe

You shall not endanger the safety of yourself, your teammates or others in a race and/or at a club ride. Wear a helmet every time you ride a bike. Follow the rules of the road.

love our sponsors

We value our sponsors. We expect members to act in accordance to sponsor requirements. If members act irresponsibly toward the sponsors, at events or when representing the club, members risk the loss of privileges and removal from the club at the board’s discretion.

no club duality

You cannot represent another team or club while you are an active member of Sorella Forte utilizing the club’s benefits. If you choose to affiliate with another club, you are required to take a leave of absence from Sorella Forte. At the time of your leave, you’ll forfeit all club benefits such as, but not limited to, sponsor discounts, RCB discount card-holding status, and wearing the club’s uniform at races and events. The board of directors reserves the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis

show up

We have one official club meeting a year, usually in January. We strongly suggest you make every attempt to attend.